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Erica Clark


When I began my fitness journey, I was overweight and I lacked confidence and motivation. I started walking and exercising at the gym regularly. I lost fourteen sizes and 66 pounds. I struggled with my mental health, complex PTSD, grief and trauma. Through everything I overcame, I developed a huge passion for fitness, nutrition and mental health. I completed and currently hold the following certifications:


- Certified Personal Trainer

- Certified Online Trainer

- Certified Bodybuilding Specialist

- Nutrition Certificate

-Life Coaching Certificate

-Trauma Informed Life Coach Certificate


I look forward to helping you reach your fitness, nutrition or mental health goals so that you can look and feel your best!

ISSA Certified

Aaron Clark


I struggled to lose weight many times. I would make changes with my diet and workout at the gym to see weight-loss, but then I would gain the weight back just as quickly as I lost it. I never seemed to get anywhere and I lost my motivation and my confidence. Ultimately, I lacked the knowledge and support needed to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Through hiring my own online personal trainer, I learned the keys to be successful and to maintain the goals that I had achieved. Through my failures and successes, I developed a desire to help others with weight-loss and show them they keys to be successful in their fitness journey.


I currently hold the following certifications through ISSA:


-Certified Personal Trainer

-Certified Online Trainer

-Nutrition Certificate

ISSA Certified

The Studio

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